Downtown Anoka Portrait | Jen

Jen. Where to start with this girl. I just loved taking this lifestyle portrait session for her. She’s my side kick, my inspiration, and just the most loving and free spirit you will ever meet. She’s an incredibly talented photographer, a kick ass creative, a nature enthusiast, a certified yoga instructor, and she’s working her butt off going back to school to get her degree in nursing. Needless to say, she’s got a lot of joy for life and doesn’t ever slow down! Jen has not only a smile and a laugh that are contagious, but a spirit in life that makes you want to lace up your boots and hop on for the ride, or throw your head into the wind and spin in circles until you fall down dizzy. You just can’t help but want to be a part of everything she’s got.

The thing I admire most about Jen is the intensity and intention she has for everything she does; she is always willing to go that extra mile. She is so passionate about everything she does, whether it’s shooting a wedding, making the fanciest breakfast I’ve ever seen, or staying up until 2:00am wood carving. She always tries to create personal and unique experiences, and truly knows how to make everyone feel special. She shares my love for adventure and is always the first on my list when I’m itching to pack up and go (and she’s usually five steps ahead of me).

I just love doing life with you Jen. I hope these images capture your spirit in a way that lets you see yourself in the way that the world does – confident, free and beautiful.


All images taken on Pentax 645 | Fuji 400H and  Canon 1v | Ilford Delta 3200 film

Film Scans: ProPhoto Connection

Jen took some photos of me while we were adventuring too, check out her latest blog post! 
You know how to capture my squishy-nose-squinty-eye smile and make me cry about it (in the best possible way).